Just a hole in the ground? … no, a marketing opportunity!

The newspapers are so full of doom and gloom lately, about the pub industry, about regulation, about tax, about licensing fees etc etc, so it was refreshing to hear reports on what players in the industry are doing to help.

Enterprise Inn’s Ted Tuppen indicated that about 800 pubs are going to get their “kerb appeal” enhanced. As any real estate agent will tell you, this is the strategy employed to make people want to stop and come in. This is a good plan and can only be of assistance – it’s much nicer to walk in to a place that looks inviting rather than a seedy looking joint, even if the chips are good.


This presents the perfect opportunity for restaurants and pubs in the vicinity of the Leicester City Council car park where they have just confirmed that “His Grace Richard Plantagenet, King of England and France, Lord of Ireland” met his fate and was unceremoniously dumped into a tight hole in the ground. An enterprising publican or restrauteur could dolly up his frontage and advertise a walking tour of the site, expound a bit on the history of the unfortunate Richard III and then repair to the pub for a “meal of the period” to enhance the experience. A package deal. Now as ridiculous as that might sound to some, there are people from all walks who would pay good money for that type of thing. And it’s current news that Henry VII’s predecessor has been confirmed as ‘the body in the carpark.’ A Shakespeare fan could even quote the “my kingdom for a horse” speech … just don’t let the chef hear!


And for even more enterprising folk, think of the opportunities the Bristol Channel provides for those interested in the history this stretch of water has seen over the centuries. The Gull and Leek is on the market, complete with an 86 acre beer garden! It’s a Victorian pub on an island and probably doesn’t have the problems of having to contend with binge drinkers. It even has its own lighthouse. This could be developed into the type of venue that would make it desirable and exclusive to a particular, targeted clientele. Rutters would gladly ensure that their excellent knowledge and planning skills would enhance the effectiveness of the place. All the owner would have to do would be to ensure a regular means of getting to one of the most remote bars in Britain. The Cardiff Council owns this beautiful place and it’s up for grabs.

The ongoing debate (war) about the screening of sports in bars took a twist too. Sky TV is offering discounts to tenants of certain groups. Probably as a measure to keep folk from using those foreign services. Nothing wrong with discounts, a pity they’re not offered more. Everyone has to make a living and no one really minds a bit of give-and-take in the process. Darragh O’Connor of Kenricks Bar is really smiling. He won the Sky competition and walked off with a years free subscription.

How about some more competitions, Sky?

Just not a competition like the one at the recent Super Bowl party where record-breaking food-wolfer Kobayashi made a pizza disappear in just one minute. Definitely not fine dining!


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