What did you expect?

Looks can be deceptive. Or, to put it another way, you don’t always get what you expect. Remember those cartoons of people whose shadows revealed an alter ego? Like the old man walking with a cane but his shadow showed him as the swashbuckling Zorro, or the seemingly happy couple walking arm-in-arm but the shadows revealing the wife about to bash him over the head with a saucepan?

Guests at the launch of a new pizzeria in Manchester were a bit miffed when they found out that the produce they were raving about was (like the shadow on the wall) not what they were expecting. Restaurateur Gary Newborough added some shop-bought pizza to his tasters “to be a bit different and as a way to get people talking.” Well, it worked! To be fair, the guests had to be told about the ruse which also leads one to conclude that perhaps shop-bought pizzas are such usual fare to so many people that they can’t tell the difference anyway.

Image: Alex Ling http://www.alexallied.com/gallery

Image: Alex Ling 

The same can be said of anyone watching the neatly dressed person slipping into the office at the local with a tablet or laptop. A salesman? An inspector? Jon Rutter’s team of stocktakers are really unobtrusive, but by looking at them you wouldn’t think that they play a key role in the running of a business that keeps them profitable and ahead of the competition. The stocktaker’s shadow would be a giant with formulae and +£ signs coming out of the computer with well-stocked shelves surrounding him!

Passengers on the way to Manchester did not expect to see a hot pizza delivery made at Newport Station while the train stopped for 50 seconds, either! Hats off to Pizza Hut who rose to the challenge laid down by Lucie Matheson as she got a bit peckish on her journey. Two other pizza places she called didn’t want to take her order. Sorry for you! The positive publicity for the Newport franchise shop can’t be bad for Michelle Escott. The shadow on their wall must be Superman delivering piping hot pizzas … while for those who didn’t take up the challenge, it is probably some bloke with his hands in his pockets kicking a tin can around.

Those folk who watched the recent Marmite advertisement will, as they say in the ads copy, either “hate it or love it” but they certainly won’t forget it. Which is probably exactly what their advertising agency was aiming for – doesn’t the saying go something like “there is no such thing as bad publicity?” Oscar Wilde declared that “the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.” And there are some people who have watched the Marmite advert whose shadows reveal them all firmly holding the wrong end of the stick. The majority of people have their shadows showing them laughing hilariously.

Image: Michal Zacharzewski, SXC

Image: Michal Zacharzewski, SXC

For a while now, when Spurs player Gareth Bale runs next to a wall his shadow reveals him in a Real Madrid jumper and a large bag with a “£7m tax free” tag on it following him!

What DID you expect?


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