Posh Pubs and Becks …

Dan Sheahan had been looking forward to a large beer at the end of the day, in fact he had ridden 20 miles to get it! He was so distraught at finding that the US Servicemen had drunk the place dry that he penned the immortal lines to “The Pub With No Beer.” Slim Dusty was so moved by the story that he was persuaded to sing it on April Fools Day in 1957.

DSC_0012But there is nothing “foolish” about the events in Blackburn over the years. It’s turning into the town with no pubs, let alone beer! Dan Sheahan would have written a positively morbid and decidedly dreary poem if he was here today. This trend seems to be occurring throughout the country with some areas hit harder than others. And while there are many reasons / excuses cited as to why it is occurring what is indisputable is that for people to stay in business and serve their loyal clientele, they had better be on top of their game in the hospitality industry.

Stocktakers like Jon Rutter and his teams across the UK have goals to play a key role in delivering exceptional customer experience, helping to improve profits and know exactly what’s going on in their businesses so that, among other things, they don’t run out of beer and that they are able to stay in business.

In London, the David Beckham/Gordon Ramsay alliance seems to have gotten off to a flyer with all the seating booked and no standing room left in the terraces. It was reported that within half an hour of their website going live 1200 diners had booked tables! There were reports that DB himself had been visiting the premises and checking on progress in the factory-style restaurant in Southwark. Perhaps all those who booked tables are hoping that David will flambé something at their table, or that Gordon will have been persuaded to have had an arm inked. The Union Street Café has been designed so that diners will be able to watch the chef’s in action at the open, theatre-style kitchen. With Gordon in the house, that should make for some interesting and colourful expressions being heard.

But while it might be hot in the close-quarter kitchen with Gordon and Becks at least the customers can rest assured that their cars won’t feel the heat of it like the poor patrons across the river in Fenchurch Street whose vehicles have been fried by the building that was possibly designed to reflect light into the darker regions of the street below. Well, it does the job so well that it’s melted some poor bloke’s Jag. And there’s also a Vauxhall that’s been “torched” by the building. The owners have, understandably lost their sense of humour about the matter. The road below the building was lit up like it was in a spotlight.

And speaking of “theatre” – it was refreshing and amusing to view the Simon Cowell look-alike using a very clever script to tell folk about Jon and the team’s stocktaking credentials. It could be said that Andy Monk has taken Simon off to a “T.”

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