Parking off at the palace …

Image: Wynand van Niekerk

Image: Wynand van Niekerk

The Premier Parking Solutions MD must have either read our blog of 5 June or he visits the Queen Victoria in Essex. The Queen Vic. Decided to make sure that their regulars had parking available by charging non-customers for using their parking area. But now Barrie Douglass (from Premier Parking) has decided to think laterally and he sees this as a solution to help struggling pubs. How? Charge the customers to park and thereby increase the pub’s income.

The only problem, Barrie, is that if I had saved my hard earned dosh for a couple of pints down at my local and then they wanted to charge me on top of the price of my tipple, I would have a sense of humour failure and probably walk there (so you’d lose my extra money anyway) or I’d go somewhere else and you’d lose my custom altogether. I don’t think it will really “help” the pubs. Go and read again what the Queen Vic. did – they decided to HELP their customers, not make them pay more.

In fairness to Barrie, he did suggest that the price of the parking could possibly be redeemed over the counter for a drink. This is something that stocktakers can implement after consultation with their clients. It seems that for Jon and his Stocktaking team there are always variables and changes they need to be making publicans aware of. They can’t sit still, which is a good thing as it ensures that their customers stay on track of being profitable and at the same time delivering good service and product to their patrons. A win-win situation. Who’d have thought a few years ago that “parking” would be a factor in a pub’s profitability equation?

And on the subject of profitability, we all moan at prices going up. But when they come down? It appears that there are moans too. And suspicion. Maybe the infamous Marmite advert has had an effect and more are being re-homed. Or maybe, as some suspect, it is a way to get rid of the glass bottles and introduce squeezy ones – in any event, the price of Marmite has plunged 30%! Marmite lovers are wondering whether they’re getting rid of “old stock” (does Marmite go off?) or is it a price war in the making. One question no one seems to have posed is why wasn’t it 30% cheaper ages ago? What type of profit margin were they making for all those years? Anyway, at that price you might as well stock up. It will be interesting to see what spin the Marmite PR machine puts on this development.

Image: Jennifer Smith

Image: Jennifer Smith

No PR firm could have done anything for the Met. this last week when it emerged that HRH Prince Andrew was accosted having a stroll in his mum’s garden. If he’d had a few corgis with him he might have been more recognizable. Or, as The Sun displayed, if the coppers on duty had been given a “who’s who” crib sheet. A bit like the way a new employee goes through an orientation programme when joining a large company … “this is our CEO (showing picture) her name is …


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