I’m freegan out!

Image: Philip Jackson

Image: Philip Jackson

“Freegan” Libby Russell openly bemoans the fact that she has to go into the supermarkets when she wants to treat herself to a chocolate as because she doesn’t find any in the skips that she searches through to get the perfectly good food that she uses to stock her pantry. Freegans are those folk who pick up the bargains that supermarkets have tossed out as “beyond-their-sell-by date” – the downside for the freegan community is that sometimes they have to climb in and out of huge skips and bins, but hey, it saves them a fortune in food!

Image: Rawkus

Image: Rawkus

The good news for Libby is that she won’t have to wait much longer for some binned choccies to make their appearance in the waste bins. Because 3 months prior to Christmas the little red Santa’s and reindeer themed chocolate treats are already on the shelves (probably with those same ‘festive’ music selections as the last 10 years also playing in the background) so it won’t be long before some confectionery items will have reached their “expiry date” because they were probably made a year ago anyway. Merry Christmas, Libby!

You’d think that supermarket chains would use stocktakers like Jon Rutter and his crew to plan more carefully to avoid wastage and profit loss. It is precisely the planned strategies, specialist advice and effective problem solving that stocktakers bring to a business that make winners out of pubs and restaurants. And one of the stand out statements on hearing that Tom Gee had won the Best Freehouse 2013 title was that the judges had said that they felt, “… Gee was a licensee with a clear vision and a firm grip on the direction of the business.Jessica Mason, writing for the Publican’s Morning Advertiser, goes on to list all the winners. Congratulations to them all. For them to achieve that success probably means, among other things, that they have a very firm handle on the stocktaking aspect of their business too.

With the Premiership only 40 matches old and loads more to come, choose with care where you watch the matches. You don’t want to be sitting there with your favourite pint in hand and ten minutes into an important game find some bloke coming in with wire cutters, snipping the cable and walking off with the TV-top box because the landlord hasn’t got an official connection. One landlord has been fined nearly £6500 for not having the correct commercial subscription. I wonder if she had a stocktaker? They could ensure that this type of detail gets sorted before the trouble starts.

Following on from our account of the story of the pub with no beer (town with no pubs) – some enterprising chaps in New Zealand pranked their mate by re-plumbing his house to deliver only beer from the taps. Watching the video I don’t think his girlfriend was impressed, but it made for a bit of a laugh as it was soon reversed. Beer on tap in every room, what a thought. And even though beer is supposed to be good for your hair, it does take a bit of effort to get it to lather properly. Pity that.

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