My night before Christmas …

It was the night before Christmas and all through MY house
Nothing was peaceful because of the spouse,
Her  lists they were growing longer and the wishes more trite,
I wondered if I’d ever I’d begin to get things right.
The mission was to hit the shops quite early
But luck would have it that traffic was all churly
The trains were delayed and the storm was a-brewing
There wasn’t a hope I’d achieve what I’d aimed to be doing
And snug back at home the spouse and the kids
Were blissfully unaware of me hitting the skids
“Pick paper, and tape and don’t forget tinsel and lights
And fruit, and butter, and cream, and other delights”
But laden with packets, I toiled through the chaos and noise
To make my way home to peace my home should deploy
But entering in, all burdened and breathless
The kids were all crying and the wife niggly and restless
“How could you?” she said on asking what was ailing
“Did you think Christmas would just be plain sailing?”
She went on to tell me that in spite of all my efforts
She sent me out with the list of only half the presents
So back into the storm with muffler, gloves and a beanie
And the list, now complete, tucked away quite securely
I tarried a while as I passed the local warm pub, I said “GOOD”
And decided I needed something to warm my cold mood
Eventually I made it home with the list, not filled, mind
I ran through my excuses but they were a “blind”
It was still tucked away in my pocket,
And the wife? Well, she gave me a rocket!
But as I settled down by the fire with the family
I was home and safe with the people I love
And Rutters and the team wish the same to you it’s clear
Safety, love, happiness and good health during this time of the year!

(with apologies to Major Henry Livingston Jr. 1748-1828)


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