Gum, posh hotels and marlin steaks … busy week!

Milton Keynes is trying to do a “Singapore” on it’s citizens. This will be really good news for those who have been tasked with trying to remove wads of used chewing gum from the roads, from under chairs, from lift buttons and various other inconvenient places. The cost of removing gum has risen so much that the proposal is that for anyone caught chewing it, they will be fined.

In Singapore there has been a ban for over 20 years on selling, importing or manufacturing the product. And anyone caught chewing it can be heavily fined. This must make for a huge adjustment for any Americans who are posted to work there. A concession the Singaporeans do make is that gum is permitted if one has a doctor’s prescription. I wonder what health circumstances you have to declare for the NHS to buy into this.

Rumour has it that negotiations are underway for bids to erect billboards at various main routes into the town declaring: ‘You are now entering a gum-free zone.’

The MK Council is also consulting on late-night levies after the deputy police commander had urged them to introduce this for anyone selling alcohol after 1am. Funds raised by the levy would be used by the SaferMK initiative and applied to projects they are involved with that seek to address alcohol related problems in the town.

On a happier note, the Publican Awards were handed out last night. The Grosvenor Hotel hosted the affair with Rob Bryden in attendance. The 1100 guests were witness to an array of awards from ‘Best community Pub Operator’ to ‘Best Business Initiative.’ These winners and highly commended participants would all testify that part of their success and achievement could be to the value they place in stocktaking firms like Rutters. With careful and sustained planning, structure and foresight, Jon Rutter and his team of professionals continue doing what they need to, to ensure that their clients are in the top echelon of the hospitality industry and as well placed as they can be to earn the awards and recognition of the Industry.

Great white shark off South Africa (courtesy Percy Tours)

Great white shark off South Africa (courtesy Percy Tours)

Pub landlord Kevin Gardner didn’t need the event at the Grosvenor Hotel to bask in the glory of his own trophy that he got a week ago. A long way from Wroxham Road, Kevin hooked and fought a 1,320lb blue marlin that he landed three hours later. Not one for selfishness, Kevin shared his catch with the many islanders on Ascension. And he seems to treat his regular patrons to his catches too, having brought them samples of fish he has caught on his other trips to ‘hook the big one.’ Any local at the Kings Head should be careful when he asks for a “fillet from your latest catch, Kevin.” THIS one was six metres long!

He says that his next quest is to snag a great white in South Africa. Someone had better tell him to be careful, the sharks in that part of the world have been known to turn the tables.